A Crying Shame!

In matters of leadership and followership, some changes are so subtle they elude detection. But, then, there are other changes that are nothing if not screamingly obvious.

One such in the second category is what’s happened in Egypt in the last week – since Mohammed Morsi’s ham-handed power grab.

If there’s a more vivid recent example of the power of followers, it does not come immediately to mind. What’s remarkable is that the utterly predictable response to Morsi’s sneak attack was not foretold by Morsi himself.

Whether Morsi will ever again be trusted by anyone other than his own constituents is now uncertain, at best. A crying shame! For given the tensions in and around states including Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Lebanon, and, yes, Palestine, and given the implosion that now is Syria, it’s painful to think yet another Middle Eastern leader was so totally oblivious to the power of the follower.

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  1. That Morsi did not see the likely outcome speaks volumes about his poor leadership. Nevertheless, since he controls the power levers in the country, at least for now, he may just get away with it. The risk to all dictators is the group of people who want to overthrow the leader. Only time will tell whether Morsi’s followers are stronger than the opposition followers.

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