Bloomberg Backpedals – Who Knew He Knew How?!

Not much blogging these days. I’m powerless – literally – in Sandy Land.

But for someone of my proclivities, this one’s irresistible. Impossible for me not to point out that the previously entirely intractable Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City has been obliged, for once,to retreat.

I take second place to none in my admiration for the Mayor’s many strengths. But the capacity for contriteness is not among them – nor is his ability to admit that it was remotely possible he was wrong. But this week was an exception. Hurricane Sandy brought millions to their knees – among them His Honor the Mayor.

Despite howls of protest, Bloomberg had originally insisted that notwithstanding the devastation wreaked by the storm, the iconic New York Marathon would go on as scheduled, November 4 .But when became blazingly clear that the death and destruction were too great, that to proceed as he had intended, would risk a rebellion against him such as he had never seen before, Bloomberg pulled back, changed his mind.

Well, to be precise, it wasn’t him exactly, it was his office. It was his office that did the painful deed for him, that announced the marathon was canceled.

For New York and New Jersey this has been a particularly painful week. For some though, there was satisfaction in seeing that when pushed, hard, by those below, Bloomberg was able to eat crow.,

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  1. I agree that he finally did the right thing. But to show some true leadership mixed with a good portion of humility, he should have made the announcement in person. When a leader has to admit he was wrong or has to make a dramatic change, he/she needs to be visible. Followers can be inspired by it and learn from a role model modeling the right behavior.

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