Fractured Followers

What?! The UNITED States of America? Who said?

Try these numbers on for size:

— 55% of women voted for Obama; only 44% for Romney
— 59% of whites voted for Romney; only 39% for Obama
— 71% of Latinos voted for Obama; only 27% for Romney
— 76% of gay, lesbian and bisexuals voted for Obama; only 22 % for Romney
— 60% of those aged 18-29 voted for Obama; only 37% for Romney
— 56% of those aged 65 and older voted for Romney; only 44% for Obama
— As to those voters who never attend any church of any kind, well, 62% of them preferred Obama; a mere 34% opted for Romney.

Let’s get real here. For all the soaring rhetoric about uniting the American people, the truth is this election confirmed the conventional wisdom. Americans are a people divided. Not hopelessly, irrevocably split – but seriously split.

For Obama this means he’s got his work cut out for him – so what else is new?

Here’s what’s new: a visceral sense of how deep the hole in which is mired the Republican Party. The seriously skewed Latino vote will necessarily give pause. But it’s that 18-29 year old demographic that presents Republicans with their greatest challenge. Unless they adapt to attract the young, their party will wither at the national level..


  1. Good analysis — but I think it is now the “entitlement” society. What can I get? Obama promised health care, phones, amnesty, welfare, food stamps, unemployment checks for 99 weeks —– he bought these voters.

  2. Indeed we are a nation divided–polarized is my favorite word for the condition. This election only widened the divide. In my opinion America has never been so polarized under any previous president. Well, maybe the civil war period. And that’s a scary analogy.
    You are right about the Republican Party, but I wonder if a strong leader in a new third party would have a chance. But that takes money and lots of time. Time to reinvent conservative thinking and platforms?

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