Selected Recent Articles


 “Women in Leadership – The Pipeline as Pipedream, ” About Campus, 2016.


“Leadership – It’s A System, Not A Person!” Daedalus, 2016.


“Complexities Of Context: Divergence between Democracies and Autocracies,” John Storey et al, eds, Routledge Companion to Leadership, 2016.


“Limits on Leadership,” Capitol Ideas, July/August 2014.


“Women at the Top: The Pipeline Reconsidered” (coauthored with Deborah Rhode) in Karen Longman and Susan Madsen, eds. Women and Leadership in Higher Education, Information Age Publication, 2014.


“Leading Androgynously,” Women’s Policy Journal of Harvard, 2013


“Cut Off at the Pass: The Limits of Leadership in the 21st Century,” Brookings, 2012


“Heavy Lifting:Leading in Modern Times,” The Ivey Business Review, 2012


“Closing the Gap – Between Leaders and Followers,” The European Business Review, 2012


“The End of Leadership – Redux,” Leadership, 2012


“Viable Options” (coauthored with Deborah Rhode) in William Rosenbach, Robert Taylor, and Mark Youndt, Contemporary Issues in Leadership, Westview, 2011


“Becoming Leadership Literate – A Core Curriculum” in Scott Snook et al,Handbook for Teaching Leadership, Sage, 2011


“Shooting an Elephant” – or Why Be Leadership Literate” in Leadership Excellence, February, 2011

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