Putin Patrol Continued… Navalny Watch Continued….

I posted the article below, about Alexei Navalny taking on Vladimir Putin, in 2013. Moreover, even by then I had been writing about Navalny for years. In other words, Navalny has been driving Putin nuts for about a decade and, for about a decade, Putin has menaced his nemesis.

I have no better an idea in April 2021 than I did in September 2013 how the war between the two men will play out. But, in the interim, Navalny has secured his place in Russian, and in world history. So long as people tilt at windmills, so long as heroes have a thousand faces, so long will the name of Alexei Navalny live.

The Real Thing … or Putin Patrol Continued …. – Barbara Kellerman

Note: The Hero With a Thousand Faces is the title of a literary classic written by comparative mythologist, Joseph Campbell.

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