Separated at Birth – Trump and Cuomo

While neither has been convicted in a court of law, the evidence is convincing. Both President of the United States Donald Trump and Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo are guilty of wrongdoing – possibly of crimes. While they are only two of many American leaders who have behaved badly, they resemble each other in ways that are striking.   

  • Both are longtime inveterate New Yorkers.
  • Both had dominant, highly successful fathers – with large, looming presences that shadow their sons still.
  • Both were winners at an early age – because of fathers who provided strong support when they were young.
  • Both are loners, not great at marriage, no cronies to hang out with, and no close friends.  
  • Both are paranoid. Wherever is not a friend, is an enemy.
  • Both lead like dictators not democrats.
  • Both value loyalty in their subordinates above all other traits.  
  • Both are delusional – or, at least, unable to read handwriting on the wall.
  • Both will be pushed from their perches only kicking and screaming.
  • Both are street fighters – they will fight to the death rather than surrender, or even admit they were wrong.
  • Both are bad leaders who were supported by bad followers – by enablers who for years tolerated their bad behaviors and protected them from fallout.  
  • Both will be remembered as disgraced.

Bad leadership is a malignant thorn in our side. Attention must be paid – which is why this cursory though not casual look at ties that that bind.

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