An American Gives Thanks – A Top Ten List

• For Barack Obama, who since the second Donald Trump was selected to succeed him has never been better as president.
• For Donald Trump, who since he became president-elect has shown faint signs of sense and sensibility.
• For Bernie Sanders, who will continue to fight the good fight.
• For Chuck Schumer, whose long, strong record as a leading Democrat and master of the Senate will serve his nation well.
• For Melinda Gates, who with every passing year further cements her status as a formidable philanthropic force.
• For American voters, on the safe assumption that most all were well-intended.
• For American institutions, built to bend while staying strong – so far.
• For the American landscape, simultaneously dangerous fragile and breathtakingly beautiful.
• For the Chicago Cubs, who won the World Series for the first time since 1908 – in a nail-biter of a game 7 no less.
• For Leonard Cohen – yes, he was Canadian and is recently deceased, but no matter – whose ravishing, immensely and invariably moving “Hallelujah,” will forever be an anthem.

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