And the Children Shall Lead

In the wake of the latest school shooting at a south Florida high school, some 30 students at another south Florida high school took to the streets to protest. Their message was clear, and it was targeted directly at their elders. Elders who freely offered their “thoughts and prayers,” but who have done nothing to stop the carnage. Who have failed to enact even the simplest of solutions, such as insisting that gun buyers get background checks.

The students were too few in number to make much of a difference. But they had the right idea. It’s clear that meaningful changes in the nation’s gun laws will not come from the top down. Which means that they must come from the bottom up.

This is one of those sociopolitical issues that demands a sociopolitical movement. That demands followers who refuse to settle for the status quo. That demands followers who take matters into their own hands. That demands followers who morph into leaders.


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