Bad Week for Bad Leaders

You think you had a rough week? In comparison with whom?

  • Andrew Cuomo. Once touted as a likely Democratic candidate for president, the governor of New York has fallen on hard times. This past week more of the same. Faced with what the Wall Street Journal described as “scathing allegations” about his administration in a federal criminal complaint, Cuomo blithely insisted that he was conducting business as usual. Really? This while no fewer than nine people with close ties to the governor were charged by federal prosecutors with bribery and extortion. If this were the first time Cuomo smelled of scandal, it would be one thing. But it is not.
  • John Kerry. It’s not often that an inordinately well-intentioned public official fails so repeatedly and resonantly. But Kerry has done it again. Once again he has tried as hard as he knew how to bring about a semblance of peace or, at least, a cessation of hostilities, only to fail miserably. This time of course in Syria. This time his humiliating failure was punctuated by the worst bombing of Aleppo – already the most wretched of all cities – since the start of the five-year-old civil war. John McCain described Kerry’s efforts to pursue a deal with Russia as “intrepid but delusional.” The latter has only four short months left to prove the former wrong.
  • Paul Ryan. He’s turned craven. The Great White Hope of the Republican Party, the man who dared for an instant to withhold his support from the Republican nominee for president, has turned mute. Hedging his bets as Donald Trump has morphed from likely loser to within striking distance of the White House, Ryan has clammed up. It’s especially disappointing because we have every reason to believe we know how Ryan really feels. Because once upon a time not long ago Ryan chastised Trump for making a racist comment. Because once upon a time not long ago Ryan questioned Trump’s commitment to Republican ideals. Because once upon a time not long ago Ryan knocked the nominee on a regular basis. Because once upon a time not long Ryan was man enough – you should pardon the expression – to put his money where his mouth was. Now the reverse is true. Now Ryan puts his mouth where his money is.

No wonder we’re disheartened. Seems the good guy of the three was tilting at windmills.


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