Bill and Hillary

Years ago, during the scandal globally known by the name of one of its protagonists, Monica Lewinsky, I labeled Hillary Clinton an enabler. Whatever the precise nature of Bill Clinton’s long history of sexual entanglements outside marriage, it was clear his wife had long put up with his escapades, obviously deciding to remain married to this man, notwithstanding his bad behavior and her resultant, public, sequential humiliations.

Yes, Hillary was, and turns out still is, Bill’s enabler.

Seems little he won’t do to increase the chances that he will in some way profit while she will in some way suffer.  Whatever WikiLeaks has yet to reveal, it’s clear even now that he, as head of the Clinton Foundation, was guilty of being greedy in the extreme, while she was serving as secretary of state and preparing to run for the nation’s highest office. She, meanwhile, was a Bystander, aware of what he did and how and why, but leaving it to others to try to tamp down her venal husband.

So far as we know, there was no point at which Hillary Clinton put her foot down. So far as we know, there was no point at which Hillary Clinton demanded of Bill Clinton that he stop his egregious quest for personal enrichment. And, so far as we know, there was no point at which Hillary Clinton asserted her independence from Bill Clinton to her own personal, not to speak of political advantage. It was left curiously, typically, to daughter Chelsea to try to bridge the gap between her parents, to intercede episodically and fruitlessly on her mother’s behalf, to try to restrain and contain her father.

Who am I to judge another couple – another marriage? This though is not about live and let live. The fact is from the Clintons’ private behaviors emerge public consequences. Which makes their psychodrama my problem – not only theirs.

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