Charles Blow’s War

Charles Blow writes a twice weekly column for The New York Times. He is African American. He is bisexual. His political views are reliably liberal or even progressive. He is strongly and passionately opinionated. And he is personally revelatory. In 2015 he published a searing memoir – Fire Shut Up in My Bones – about coming of age as a black boy in the deep south.

I provide these biographical details to differentiate Blow from those about whom I wrote in my last three blogs – David Remnick, Philip Roth, and David Letterman – and to provide context. Blow has been at war with Trump all along. Blow is reliably quick to take on those who do not share his liberal views. Blow is a columnist whose task is to write what he thinks. And Blow represents demographics that on more than one count would incline to the left, not to the right.

All this said, Blow brings to his bias a fury and fierceness that take your breath away. His rage is on the page – but it is palpable.

Charles Blow on Donald Trump:

We have now passed the 50-day mark of the Donald Trump administration and one things is clear: There is no new Trump.

There is only the same old Trump: Dangerous and unpredictable, gauche and greedy, temperamentally unsuited and emotionally unsound. If you were trying to create in a lab a person with character traits more unbecoming in a president, it would be hard to outdo the one we have….

This is a 70-year-old man who has lived his entire life as the vile, dishonest, incurious creature who got elected. That election validated his impulses rather than served as a curb on them.

Trump will continue to debase and devalue the presidency with his lies. Trump will continue to follow Bannon’s philosophy of internal deconstruction of our government, its principles and its institutions. And Trump will continue to leech as much personal financial advantage as he can from the flesh of the American public.

That’s who Trump is. America elected a parasite.*

“Trump and the Parasitic Presidency,” New York Times, March 13, 2017.

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