“Dangerous Ignoramus”

Some of you might’ve noticed – I love alliteration. So, wish I could take credit for the above phrase, but I cannot. It’s Martin Wolf’s, who a few days ago applied it to – guess who – Donald Trump.

I don’t write often about Trump. He is the most arduously and assiduously covered political animal ever – and, generally, enough is enough. But, when something changes, he’s worth a few words. This time what’s changed, if only slightly, is not him, of course, not the leader, but his followers. For the first time during his time in the White House, Trump’s being a dangerous ignoramus has roused his sleeping subjects. It has roused Republicans. Even Republicans – heretofore nearly entirely servile and silent – have felt obliged to go on record against their president who is trying, though he will fail, to overturn some 75 years of post-World War II history.

The two resolutions are nonbinding. Nevertheless, both the House and the Senate did, finally, contradict the president. While Trump was in Brussels demonstrating yet again he was a dangerous ignoramus, Congress affirmed with only a few dissenting Republican votes U.S. support for NATO.  Paul Ryan went so far as to open his mouth. “NATO is indispensable,” he said, proving he could speak. “It’s as important today as it ever has been.”

Additionally, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who has tried his level best to carry out the president’s policies in North Korea as well as in Europe, started publicly to choke on his boss’s bile. Dissed and embarrassed just a few days ago by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, in Brussels Pompeo was reduced to being mute while Trump confronted America’s NATO allies and lashed out at Germany particularly. But, this time the Secretary did not stay silent. Not long after Trump’s tirade against NATO, Pompeo tweeted it was nothing less than “the most important alliance in history.”

Trump tempts. He is an old hand at tempting you and me to focus laser-like on him – him alone. But, when the history of his administration is written, it will be clear that blame lies elsewhere. Responsibility for his miserable presidency rests with those among us who let him get away for as long as he did with what he did.


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