Enough is Enough

It’s been difficult. It’s been difficult as a putative expert on leadership not to write regularly about Donald Trump. He’s screamingly obvious grist for my mill – which is precisely why I’ve resisted the temptation. Why I’ve focused on subjects other than the American president, who inexorably violates not laws, and rules, but norms.

But on occasion someone else writes a piece about Trump that is so well written, and that so completely reflects my own point of view, that I’m tempted to tout it. Today is an example. Ezra Klein’s “The Normalization of Impeachment” is strongly recommended. (Link below.) It’s a piece that I wish I had written. But since I did not, I am glad that someone else did.

Full disclosure: I’m a betting woman – who bet some time ago that President Trump would not serve out his full first term in the White House.


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