Enough is Enough!

She died last night. The woman who was brutally gang-raped on a bus in India, finally succumbed to injuries sustained in the attack.

Her death will trigger more public protests. But the ferocity of the attack has already inflamed people across India, normally inured to assaults against women.

The government was actually taken aback by the riots, surprised that what it at first considered no more than yet another rape case, should trigger such widespread public outrage. But this was different – this was a single case that was so obviously heinous a crime it could not be ignored. It could not be ignored even in a country in which violence against women is commonplace.

As a result of rioting that was larger and lasted longer than anyone originally anticipated, the government agreed to establish a commission to investigate the situation. But, whether this incident will lead to real change – as opposed merely to apparent change – depends only on one thing. It depends on followers continuing to press leaders finally to take meaningful action, not only in the courts, but in homes and schools and in every other institution in addition. What is required here is a cultural shift, which is never accomplished from the top down, only from the bottom up. .

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