Faithful Followers Folding?

For the last year at least, observers of the American political scene have been astonished at the passivity of Congressional Republicans. Almost without exception, they have been supine, abjectly subjecting themselves to the president.

But, of course, the real reason they have been faithful followers is not on account of the man himself, Donald Trump, for whom most have no love lost, but on account of the Republican base, which up to now has proved remarkably resilient. Trump has been able to count on his cult, which has remained virtually immune to his miserable manners, moral failings, and toxic politics.

However … the most recent Washington Post-ABC News poll raises the question of whether the mood of the moment is changing. Whether increasing numbers of Americans – Republicans as well as Democrats – are getting sick and tired of their president even now, less than half way into his first term. Consider these numbers:

  • Trump’s disapproval rating has hit a high of 60 percent.
  • Nearly half of those polled said Congress should begin impeachment proceedings.
  • 63% of Americans support the investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller.
  • 67% of Americans think Mueller’s case against Paul Manafort was justified; only 18 percent support the idea of his receiving a presidential pardon.
  • 64% of Americans do not think the president should fire his repeatedly maligned Attorney-General, Jeff Sessions; only 19% think he should.

It’s too early to tell if this particular poll is a predictor. It could just be an outlier. But if it does foretell the future Trump’s presidency is in serious trouble.  For indications to the contrary, his future in his followers’ hands, not in his own, capacious though they may be.


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