Fixation on Followers – For Once!

Well, more precisely, once every four years – on the occasion of a presidential election. Exactly once every four years, our national obsession is not with leaders, but with followers, in this case with the American electorate.

Tomorrow is the exception to the general rule. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will be bit players – while the star of the show will be the American Voter. We the people will be poked, prodded, and polled at every turn, going into the voting booth and coming out; Democrats, Republicans, and Independents; old and young and black and white and and men and women – you get the picture..

It’s our moment in the sun, when anyone and everyone has the strongest possible interest in how we think and what we do – if only as it pertains to our vote.

So on the morrow enjoy that spotlight! It’s sure to be short-lived.

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  1. You’re right. But I am going to be early. Kinda like Christmas as a kid. I want the morning surprise, not the constant numbers and computations all the pundits have on the screen. Just get me to the bottom line in the morning and then I will figure out whether we are about to be a socialist or at leaset semi-democratic nation.

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