Follower Feeding Frenzy

Just a few days ago, Maureen Dowd, in one of her must-read columns in Sundays’  New York Times, wondered if the “Blowhard Will Blow Us Up.” If Donald Trump would usher us into the “nuclear winter.”

Impossible to imagine that anything Trump could do in the interim would wipe America’s nuclear showdown with North Korea off the front pages. But he did. Recent events in Charlottesville, and the president’s response to these events, have stolen his own thunder.

Donald Trump is a walking, talking machine gun. His leadership style is to fire at his followers a volley of bullets in almost immediate succession. His bullets come so fast and furiously impossible to gather ourselves before the next round is fired.

Leaders as lethal as Donald Trump never, ever leave of their own accord. They must be dragged off stage – by their followers. To their credit, many Americans in many different places have already said their piece. They have already publicly stated that Trump is a president so bad they refuse to support him. In fact, since yesterday’s “off the rails” presidential press conference, there has been something of a follower feeding frenzy – people standing in line to take a stand against the president.

But, while the current feeding frenzy is heartening, it is insufficient. Moreover, it threatens to wind down before the deed is done. The pressure on the leader-in-chief must be relentless until he exits. The American people must sustain their feeding frenzy until this presidency is devoured.

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