Hair – Yes, Hair

Check out Bernie Sanders’ new campaign ad. It’s terrific – by far the best of the lot! A glorious montage of ordinary Americans, while the soundtrack of Simon and Garfunkel’s iconic, “America,” plays and finally swells in the background.

At first Sanders is a bit player in his own ad, the focus being not on him but on his followers. Gradually though he emerges, in micro-shots, saying nothing but looking somehow swell, joyous and avuncular, totally himself, comfortable in his own skin.

But what stands out in those momentary glances is his hair – his gray, nearly white head of hair, the hair of an older man,  the hair of a man who can’t be bothered to pay much attention to how he looks, the hair of a man who is what he is, altogether authentic.

Sanders’ two main opponents on the other hand – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – treat their hair. They dye their hair. They blow their hair. They spend time on their hair and they spend money on their hair. Not that there’s anything wrong that. But for Americans sick and tired of political artifice – sick and tired of leaders who present themselves as other than what they really are – Bernie Sanders’ hair is a sweet spot.

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