Happy New Year!!!


Can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

Can’t close out my book and blog at the same time.

Can’t resist telling title of my forthcoming – in September 2014 – book. It’s Hard Times: Leadership in America – and yes, I’m aware my last book was The End of Leadership, which given this one’s  again all about leadership – and followership and context – makes me a target for teasing.  

Can’t resist sounding off one last time (one last time in in 2013!) about Putin – though this time I’ll let spot-on Bill Keller do it for me. See his column in today’s New York Times, “Russia vs. Europe.” 

Can’t resist pointing out one last time (one last time in 2013!) the world is changing, with leaders everywhere enfeebled by others who lack any compunction about taking them on.

Can’t resist mouthing off one last time (one last time in 2013!) about how anyone with any interest in leadership must take a holistic, systemic approach. A single-minded focus on a single individual is, well, hopelessly dated.

See you next year!!!





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