Hillary Clinton – A Comment

Hillary Clinton will not face criminal charges relating to her use of classified information while serving as Secretary of State.

But her political opponents and ideological enemies will still make hay out of what the New York Times described as FBI Director James Comey’s “extraordinary public tongue-lashing.” Comey rebuked Mrs. Clinton for being “extremely careless,” and made plain that a typical government official would probably have been penalized for doing no more than what she did. Put differently, in ordinary circumstances, Hillary Clinton’s original transgressions, and her subsequent cover up, would have and should have ended her political career.

But these are not ordinary circumstances. In November will be a presidential election in which the American people will have two options: Clinton or Trump. This better than anything else explains why Comey did what he did. By walking a fine line – on the one hand not recommending criminal charges; and on the other hand engaging in public castigation – he acted in a way he thought right. He said his piece – but stopped short of upending the presidential election.

There is scholarly research suggesting that women leaders are somewhat more ethical than men leaders. Really? Judging by recent events, you’d never know it. As I said in this space a couple of days ago, “Those few women who make it to the top have a special responsibility to behave in ways that live up to their own highest ideals.” It’s not a responsibility that Loretta Lynch has met. Or Samantha Power. Or Hillary Clinton.


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