Hillary the Heartbreaker

To those among us who find the idea of a Trump presidency as onerous as incredulous, Hillary Clinton is a heartbreaker. Not a shocker exactly, as her history of evasion and deception is long. Still, at this critical moment in our nation’s history many of us were willing to move on, not to forgive or forget exactly, but to move on, given the likely alternative. Given that the only likely presidential alternative is Donald Trump.

Hillary makes difficult if not impossible the thought of voting for her with even a modicum of enthusiasm.  She’s too damned flawed.

Three of her greatest deficits are highlighted by the report of the State Department inspector general, which sharply criticized her exclusive use of a private e mail server while serving as secretary of state. The story is not new. But it does contain additional details which make it the more disturbing. In particular:

  • Hillary Clinton violated the rules if not law by failing to keep proper records.
  • Hillary Clinton secured staff members so cowed by her presence that they failed to speak truth to power.
  • Hillary Clinton continues to deny, to obfuscate. She seems constitutionally unable to take responsibility – apology is not in her repertory.

“Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?”


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