It it Walks Like a Coup and Talks Like a Coup….

…it’s a coup! What happened in Egypt is, by conventional standards, just that – a forcible seizure of power by the military of a democratically elected president.

But… the Obama administration is loathe to call it a coup because if it did, Egypt would be ineligible for the fat check the president wants in fact to bestow. So for the moment he is content to defer to Egyptian officials who are calling what just happened a popular uprising.

But wait just a minute! Hold on! Isn’t that exactly what took place in the streets of Cairo and elsewhere across Egypt? Isn’t that what it was – a popular uprising, not a coup in any usual use of this word? President Morsi did not wake up one fine day and ask to be ejected from office. The Egyptian military did not wake up one fine day and ask to run the government. No. What transpired instead is that ordinary Egyptians, huge numbers of ordinary Egyptians, made their preference plain. When they refused to shut up and go home, certain of Egypt’s leaders finally felt they had no choice but to follow Egypt’s followers.

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