Lame Leader of the Week – Third Time Over!

For months I have raised in this space the question of why I was virtually alone in pointing to Hillary Clinton as culpable in the miserable matter of the attack in Benghazi.

As of last night I’m in good company. The role in the debacle of the Department of State – which Clinton led for the past four years – has finally been made blindingly clear. Here are the lead sentences in today’s New York Times lead story: “An independent inquiry into the attack on the United States diplomatic mission in Libya that killed four Americans on Sept. 11 sharply criticized the Sate Department for a lack of seasoned security personnel and for relying on untested local militias to safeguard the compound…. Systemic failures and leadership and management deficiencies at senior levels … [were] inadequate for Benghazi and grossly inadequate to deal with the attacks that took place.”

The Secretary of State had been slated to testify on Benghazi before Congress this week. But, a few days ago, it was reported that Clinton could not do so because she had suffered a concussion as the result of a fall – an injury that purportedly precluded her testimony.

However in one month’s time Hillary Clinton will no longer be State’s leader. So if she is to avoid being haunted by Benghazi long after she leaves office, she has no choice but finally to come clean. Before – not after – she leaves her post she should own the errors of her ways. She should publicly acknowledge her responsibility in the personal, professional, and political failure that was in Libya.

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  1. How do you see John Kerry’s role at State? My guess is that Obama will continue to be his own Sec of State, but no one is talking about Kerry’s role (along with Clinton’s) in getting us much deeper into Afghanistan than was prudent. Of course again this was ultimately Obama. He reportedly spent a great deal of time reading and talking about Vietnam before coming to the completely mistaken conclusion that there was nothing to be learned from that dreadful episode that applied to Afghanistan. tilt…..

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