Lame Leaders of the Week – Two Tots on Testosterone

The second of three presidential debates is now history. Barack Obama did what he had to do – return from the dead. And so did Mitt Romney – maintain his credibility as candidate for president..

But for most of the 90 minutes both men resembled nothing so much as two tots, strutting, blustering, and posturing their way around a sandbox. Both men assiduously avoided the heavy lifting that would have elevated the debate beyond politics as usual. .

Neither man discussed in any serious way the danger of the so-called fiscal cliff. And neither man had the temerity to take on the national debt. It was downright disheartening – watching these two grown men, ninnies both, both too frightened to lose to tell the truth.

Expenses will have to be cut – especially entitlements – and taxes will have to be raised. To do otherwise is to doom Americans to fail at every single thing we try collectively to do, at home and abroad. And it is to doom our children, and their children, to a future less bright than the past.

Why leaders like Obama and Romney are so scared to take these subjects on, remains something of a mystery. Unless you think they think we can’t handle the truth.

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