Mark’s Choice

For some time now Mark Zuckerberg has been regarded as one of America’s genuine originals. One of its most remarkable innovators and, as Facebook grew into a behemoth of a business, one of its greatest corporate leaders ever. The kid in the hoodie, the Harvard dropout, the computer genius at the center of the award-winning film “The Social Network,” by the time Zuckerberg turned 25 he was a legend.

But now his leadership of Facebook has been clouded by suspicion. Suspicion that his company profited handsomely from its dealings with the Russians. Suspicion that his company is being less, much less, than transparent. Suspicion that his company is putting its financial interests ahead of America’s political interests – ahead of its electoral integrity.

This leaves Mark Zuckerberg with a choice. Starkly put it’s between his private interest on the one hand, and the public interest on the other.  I wonder if he’s aware that straddling the line on this won’t do. I wonder if he’s aware that he’s already in Congress’s crosshairs. I wonder if he’s aware that his legacy will depend on how he decides.

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