Hang It Up, Nancy!

Nancy Pelosi is the highest ranking and most consistently successful female politician in American history. Trouble is that she, like so many of her male counterparts, does not know when to let go. Or does know when to let go but can’t stand to let go. Power being not so much, as Henry Kissinger famously said, the ultimate aphrodisiac, as the ultimate addiction. Once you taste it you crave it.

During her long, illustrious career, Pelosi has been Speaker of the House of Representatives and Minority Leader. But, recently, in her capacity as Minority Leader she presided over an electoral debacle. Come January the Republicans will control not only the presidency, but both the House and the Senate, and two out of every three governorships. Bad – bad leadership.

Which is precisely why most everyone who has had a leadership role in the Democratic Party should resign – for they have failed. Under their leadership the party has suffered a string of stinging losses, from which it will take years to recover. For Pelosi this should be a no-brainer. She has clung to her leadership role for well over a decade, she is long past retirement age, and though once she was excellent, now she is not. Now she is unable creatively, dynamically, effectively, to lead.

Too many people hang on for too long. If Pelosi wants to leave with her reputation intact instead of in tatters, she must get out sooner not later.

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