Quotes of the Day (or Followership, Followership, Followership)

         One of the most significant changes for all businesses since the financial crisis is consumers are more demanding and expect to know more about you. They are more questioning of all authority…. You are no longer in control of your message.

Steve Easterbrook, CEO of McDonald’s, who, after four years of shrinking profits, is being credited with turning around the company’s fortunes.


         Nelson Peltz narrowly won a seat on the board of Procter & Gamble Co … an embarrassing turn of events for a company that weeks earlier had claimed to have defeated the activist investor…. The uncertainty of the P&G vote was magnified by the large portion of shares held by small investors, leaving both sides scrambling for support from some 2.5 million shareholders instead of just a few dozen who typically control such votes.

Article in the Wall Street Journal (11/16/17) describing how it happened that P&G’s management team was stunned, was slammed, by small, heretofore generally powerless, investors.

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