Rex the Apprentice

When Donald Trump left his popular and long running television hit, “The Apprentice,” I had no idea that he was planning to take his show on the road. To the White House. But by appointing Rex Tillerson Secretary of State he selected a man without a prayer of success in his post absent a rigorous apprenticeship.

• Tillerson has worked at Exxon, only at Exxon, for over forty years.
• Tillerson has no political or government experience.
• Tillerson has no foreign policy experience.
• Tillerson has admitted he did not want to be Secretary of State.
• Tillerson has admitted his wife talked him into being Secretary of State.
• Tillerson has a history of being chummy with Russia.
• Tillerson has held not a single press conference since being Secretary of State.
• Tillerson has chosen to limit the press “pool” to a single individual – this during his recent trip to Asia.
• Tillerson has been systematically excluded by his boss from top foreign policy meetings.
• Tillerson’s boss has decided that the budget for the Secretary’s bailiwick, the State Department, should be slashed by more than 30 percent.
• Tillerson has announced that he would not in the month of April travel to Brussels to meet with NATO foreign ministers.
• Tillerson hs announced that he would in the month of April travel to Moscow to meet with top ranking Russian officials.

Tillerson’s decision to bag Brussels in favor of Moscow was seen as so outlandish and outrageous – Former U.S. Ambassador to Moscow, Michael McFaul, said it had to be “fake news” – it might yet be revoked. Still, if Rex were a contestant on “The Apprentice” rather than our real-life Secretary of State, and if Donald were host of “The Apprentice rather than our real-life President, weeks ago the latter would have told the former, “You’re fired.”

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