So, here’s the question. Why is this monstrous Trump embarrassment different from other monstrous Trump embarrassments?

Why has this monstrous Trump embarrassment prompted the Republican establishment to cluck-cluck about his gross, offensive behavior when other examples of his gross, offensive behavior produced only stony silence? Why has this monstrous Trump embarrassment incited the likes of Utah’s Representative Jason Chaffetz to declare, “I’m out. I can no longer in good conscience endorse this person for president,” when other examples of Trump’s gross, offensive behavior did not? Why has this monstrous Trump embarrassment forced him finally to apologize for behavior that was gross and offensive when other similar such behaviors resulted in no mea culpa whatsoever?

So, here’s the answer. This monstrous Trump embarrassment was about sex. Get it? It was about sex.

The humiliation of women?! Give me a break! Trump has humiliated women on countless previous occasions. Just as he has humiliated or tried to other groups who failed to live up to his imagined white, Christian, slim, masculine/feminine ideal – Muslims and Mexicans to take just two screamingly obvious examples.

Aggression against others?! Give me a break! Trump has incited aggression on countless previous occasions, at his rallies, on the stump, references to guns and shootings and violence par for his course.

Using foul language?! Give me a break! Should we be surprised – shocked, shocked, shocked? – that this course, vulgar individual has used course, vulgar language in what he thought the privacy of a personal conversation?

No, what’s different here are Trump’s overt, blatant, utterly direct references to sex. To women’s sexual parts, to his own sexual preferences and proclivities, to his previous sexual encounters and experiences, to his explicit pleasure in what to him is sensually and sexually stimulating.

Notwithstanding all that’s come before, it’s sex that’s finally threatening to break this camel’s back. Which goes to show Americans remain Puritans.



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