Worse Even than His Substance, His Style

President Donald Trump is hardly the first of America’s chief executives to demean the nation’s highest office. Not long ago President Bill Clinton managed to do exactly that by having a sexual relationship with 21-year-old White House intern.

But under Trump degrading the national discourse and demeaning the American presidency has become the new normal.

Put it this way: By far the worst thing about Trump’s series of tweets yesterday morning was not what he said – he charged without a shred of evidence that he was wire-tapped by his immediate predecessor – but how he said it. Worse even than his substance, was his style.

“This is McCarthyism!”, tweeted Trump.

“This is Nixon/Watergate,” tweeted Trump.

Then the icing on the cake. Then President Donald Trump tweeted about President Barack Obama, “Bad (or sick) guy!”

When was the last time you heard one president refer to another as “bad” or “sick”? How bad, or sick, is that?!

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