Taking Armstrong Down

Asked yourself how Lance Armstrong’s armor was finally lanced? Asked yourself how it happened that cycling;s lying icon was finally felled?

Well, the answer’s plain to see in David Carr’s New York Times article titled, “Chasing Armstrong With the Truth” (10/29/12). Carr makes clear that it was all – and I do mean all! – fed-up followers who finally did the deed. As Carr put it,” This is a story of how a group of people at the low end of bicycle racing used the Web and social media to take back custody of their sport from powerful dopers and liars and their enablers in the media.”

Let’s be clear here: old media cravenly caved to the Armstrong myth. It was those on new media who created change – they are the heroes of this story. You will not know their names – Andy Shen, Alex Ostroy, and Dan Schmaltz. But it was they who blogged and blogged and blogged until word of Armstrong’s perfidy finally became gospel .

What weapons were in their arsenal? What allowed three nobodies to take on one Big Somebody? Try these: hard facts; the capacity to disseminate said facts,and the personal persistence that is the hallmark of any follower who morphs into a leader.

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