Last Week in Leadership Land

  • Tom Price, former Secretary of Health and Human Services, forced to resign.
  • Richard Price, former CEO of Equifax, forced to resign.
  • Norman Pelz, super shareholder activist, about to muscle his way onto P&G, Board despite opposition from majority of Board and P&G CEO.
  • Wolfgang Hatz, former top executive at Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche, arrested.
  • Conflict and chaos in Catalonia.
  • Mayor of San Juan takes on the American president – Puerto Rico is decidedly not, she charges, a “good news story.”
  • American president takes on mayor of San Juan – attacks her for “poor leadership.”
  • Supernova Lin Manuel Miranda tweets the American president will go “straight to hell.”
  • Portrait of Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Myanmar’s putative leader, Aung Sau Suu Kyi, removed from the hallowed halls of Oxford University.

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