Trump Testosterone – the Science

In April, I posted six separate blogs under the general heading, “Trump/Testosterone.”  This then is the seventh in the series.

It’s based on a recent article in the New York Times titled, “Men are so Hormonal.”* Without getting into the science of the findings – think orbitofrontal cortex – they amount to a caution pertaining to men who take testosterone supplements. Of course, I have no idea if Donald Trump is now taking, or ever did, testosterone supplements. But, as my recent posts on “Trump/Testosterone” made clear, the incumbent American president puts a premium on manliness that is extreme. Even to the point of making public – on the “Dr. Oz Show,” no less – his own putative testosterone level.

Suffice it here to say that the article points to recent scientific findings that show a correlation between testosterone supplements (high testosterone) and unnecessary and even foolish risk-taking. Excessive risk-taking is not good in most professions, in, say, cab driving or day trading or child caring. But it could fairly be said to be especially bad, even dangerous, in leading.

“Confidence can spur a person to action, to take risks,” the article concludes. “But we should all be more aware of when confidence tips into overconfidence, and testosterone supplements could encourage that. Ironically, these supplements might make someone feel bold enough to lead but probably reduce his ability to lead well.”

Anyone come to mind?





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