Want to Lead? Follow.

I rarely revisit one of my own blogs. Today is an exception.

Just over two weeks ago I posted a blog titled, “Mike Bloomberg – My Hero for Good Reasons.” My reasons were two. First, Bloomberg correctly foresaw that none of the contenders for the Democratic nomination for president were likely to “confidently challenge Trump.” Second, Bloomberg had committed to supporting with his limitless resources whoever became the Democratic nominee – even if the nominee was other than he.

Between then and now the political ground has shifted. Why? Because twice over Bloomberg performed so woefully wretchedly on the debate stage that he effectively removed himself from contention as Democratic standard bearer.

Joe Biden meantime has staged a modest, a very modest, political comeback. But, if he racks up a considerable and therefore convincing win on Saturday in South Carolina, overnight he will be the only Democratic candidate credibly to challenge for the Democratic nomination the Democratic Socialist, Bernie Sanders.   

This then has gone from being a game of checkers to being one of chess. If you are Pete Buttigieg, or Amy Klobuchar, or Tom Steyer, or Mike Bloomberg, and you really care about what you say what you really care about – preventing President Donald Trump from securing a second term – you must, you must, get out of the race. You must get out of the race if in South Carolina Biden racks up some very good numbers – in which case he becomes the only viable alternative to Sanders. And, therefore, possibly if not probably, the only viable alternative to Trump.  

For Bloomberg, Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Steyer to imagine themselves elected president in November is delusional. If, therefore, they want really to lead, they must follow. They must follow the candidate they conclude has the best chance of defeating the incumbent president. They must follow – the sooner the better.  

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