What Do Chickens and the Brits Have in Common?

One of America’s most prominent poultry farms yesterday announced plans to make both life and death better for its chickens. It was agreeing to change, to make more humane, the way it raises and slaughters its birds.

Why? To his credit, Jim Perdue, CEO of Perdue Farms, was straightforward in his explanation. It was not a his sudden concern for animal welfare. Rather it was that his customers, “want to be sure that animals are raised in as caring a way as possible. With the least stress, the least discomfort.” Who more precisely are these customers? They are millennials, younger consumers who tend to care more about animal rights than do their elders.

Which brings me to Britain’s referendum. When the numbers were crunched it was clear that the young voted dramatically differently from the old. Fully 73 % of those aged 18 to 24 voted to REMAIN in the European Union – compared with only 40 % of those over 65.

This difference is huge! Clearly Jim Perdue was onto something. Leaders who want actually to lead had better pay attention. To their followers – to how old they are.

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