Where are they – the Women Leaders?

Amazing how much attention has been paid  in recent years to the subject of women at or near the top of the greasy pole!

The two articles for which I provide links below are only the latest examples of grist for this mill – of themselves evidence that the topic of women in positions of authority remains hot.

For the purpose of this blog I will make just three short points – the last in the form of a few questions.

  • There is a distinction to be made between “high achieving women” and women leaders. The two are not synonymous. Being in charge, being ultimately responsible for the well-being of a group or organization, implies demands that considerably exceed those of being, merely if you will, high achieving.
  • The figures from the Nordic countries – I call them Fantasylands, for they provide nearly everything that the rest of us can only dream about, including generous family leaves and first rate child care – are especially sobering.  They compel us to consider why the leadership class remains so heavily male-dominated even when it is embedded in a context that is so strikingly, certainly comparatively, supportive?
  • Is there anything going on here that’s generally left unsaid? Is there anything missing from both these articles that remains to be fully explored? Is it possible that our proclivity to political correctness is stopping us from looking at everything that there is to look at? Guess what I believe to be true!






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