Where Have You Gone, Joe Biden? Our Nation Turns Its Lonely Eyes to You.

Joe Biden is slated to be the Democratic candidate for president of the United States. So, at least, I last heard. But for reasons unclear, since the unofficial end of his campaign for the nomination, Biden has effectively disappeared.

OK, he’s not entirely disappeared. Yesterday, for example, he gave CNN’s Jake Tapper an interview. But Biden’s presentation of self was listless beyond belief. He had nothing whatsoever to say that was new and different. And whatever he did say he droned on in dreary monotone. The highlight of the exchange was when Biden coughed into his hands – which left Tapper reminding the former vice president that for now anyway we never cough into our hands and always into our elbow.

The incumbent president is everyday an embarrassment – arguably even a dangerous one. This provides his putative challenger with a perfect opportunity to step into the breach. To show us what he’s made of. To provide the American people with the strongest possible alternative to Donald Trump. But so far anyway, for the last couple of weeks at least, Biden has been inexplicably passive.

No one is stopping Joe Biden from doing anything. So why on a regular basis doesn’t he speak up forcefully and persuasively? Why on a regular basis doesn’t he generate a raft of pertinent policy proposals? Why on a regular basis doesn’t he take direct issue with the president? Why on a regular basis doesn’t he reach out to those individuals, groups, and organizations most directly affected by the virus crisis – such as health care professionals? Why on a regular basis doesn’t he perform visible acts of community kindness?

Where have you gone, Joe Biden?

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