Followers Lead… Poof! The Shutdown is Over!

Hate to say, “I told you so.” But I can’t resist. I can’t resist reminding that in my previous blog I pointed out that, inexplicably, even those most affected by the government shutdown had been content to be quiet for over a month. Content to “accept the hand they were dealt without disrupting the lives of others.” Content instead to “shut up while being shut down.”

Predictably, once this changed so did the dynamic. Once the apparently powerless seized power by refusing reliably to show up for work, the leadership class, including the previously impervious president, caved.

It was aviation industry workers, especially air traffic controllers, who turned the tide. As soon as it became apparent that thousands of travelers had been obliged to endure significant delays, and that airports were threatening to turn chaotic if normal operations were not immediately restored, it was over. Within hours President Trump announced a deal to reopen the government.

An vivid reminder that power and influence are fluid – that they reside entirely in the hands of leaders only if followers are enablers.

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