Leader Wanted. No Experience Required.

Starbucks mogul Howard Schultz has announced he’s considering running for president as an independent. The mere thought horrifies the chattering classes, the majority of whom want nothing so much as to dump Trump. They worry that absent major changes to the electoral system, a Schultz candidacy could siphon enough votes away from the Democratic nominee to bestow on the incumbent a second term.     

True. But the signal problem with a man like Schultz running for the nation’s highest office is that he’s a rank amateur. He’s a total novice at government service which should be – but apparently is not – an immediate disqualifier.   

It’s less outrageous than it is nuts. We wouldn’t dream of hiring someone with no experience whatsoever as a plumber to repair our toilet. We wouldn’t dream of paying someone to cut our hair who had no experience whatsoever with a scissor. We wouldn’t dream of having someone drive our car who had no experience whatsoever behind a wheel.

What’s the matter with Schultz that he thinks he can be leader of the free world just because he was leader of a coffee company? What the matter with us that we think an unmitigated neophyte like Schultz should be given the time of day?

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