T-Rex vs. T-Rex – Tech Titans Duke it Out

It’s rare in corporate America for two at the top to take each other on – in public. In a brawl that’s becoming increasingly up close and personal; increasingly nasty and even ugly; increasingly consistent and persistent. In short, now there’s no mistaking it: Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, and Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, hate each other!

They’ve been fighting for years, ostensibly about how their respective companies use consumer data. Facebook famously vacuums user data to power its advertising business, which, despite a recent slew of negative publicity, continues to print money. Apple, equally famously, claims to take the high ground – it objects to the commoditization of user data while loudly protecting the privacy of its customers.

But, it’s one thing for these two behemoths to take each other on because of their ideological differences – one man, one company, believes one thing to be right and good and true; while the other man, the other company, believes another thing to be right and good and true. What’s unusual about this situation is how personal this fight has become. What began as a difference of opinion has escalated into something considerably more. Man-to-man fighting; tit for tat combat; trading barbs that increasingly careen from professional quarrel into personal insult. For those among you who best like their wrestling in the mud, stay tuned.            >

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