Last Shall be First – Colin Kaepernick

I have no idea where he is today… watching the Big Game from home, from a friend’s house, at a bar?  I don’t, in fact, know much of anything about him. But I do know this: that while Tom Brady will live forever in American sports history, it is Colin Kaepernick will live forever in American political history.

Kaepernick’s now fabled gesture – a silent act protesting the police shootings of unarmed black Americans – has had a resonance that probably he never originally imagined. Two years later today’s Super Bowl happening is still reflecting the depth of Kaepernick’s impact on the American psyche. Not on the field – he’s not even playing pro ball these days. But during the Super Bowl’s fabled half time show, which will be greatly diminished by acts of solidarity by, among others, Rihanna, who refused to perform, reportedly citing Kaepernick as the reason why.

Instead of standing for the national anthem, as he was of course expected to do, Kaepernick kneeled, publicly, visibly, even ostentatiously. It was brilliant stroke that would’ve done the giants of nonviolent resistance proud – and that likely will forever linger.

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