Over and Out – For Now

I’m good at multi-tasking. I can walk and chew gum at the same time.

But when it comes to writing it’s different – at any given moment I prefer working on only one project. So, I’m giving it up – I’m giving up, for now, being a regular blogger. For against all odds, and though I swore I wouldn’t, I’ve begun another book – another book on leadership and followership.

Anyone who has read my blog even intermittently will know that there are certain themes to which I return. They include but are not limited to lousy leaders; fed-up followers; the decline of leaders and the rise of followers; the impact of technology on patterns of leadership and followership; Putin as a tyrant, perhaps a petty one, but a tyrant nonetheless; the long hand of the law in snaring the unsuspecting; women either idolized (Hillary) or vilified (Pakistan and many more); single individuals as agents of change (Malala); public opinion as a force always to be reckoned with; the impact of art and popular culture on what people think and on how they behave; and how leadership and followership are not static, but fluid.

This second decade of the 21st century is the overarching context within which leadership and followership are now being exercised. This means that while differences still pertain, as they always do – among, say, countries and cultures, groups and organizations – the environment for how change is created is, as of this writing, this year, 2013. The implication is obvious – that at least some of what I said in this blog will prove evanescent. As a long time observer of power, authority, and influence, I know one thing, that there is one constant, change. Perfect for blogs – which become in an instant part of the ether!


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