Putin Patrol … Continued

I said I wasn’t blogging any more – at least not for now. It’s because I’m writing a book and I can’t walk and walk at the same time.

But I cannot let this one go by. If you care at all about lame leaders, or fed up followers, you must, you simply must, follow the current court proceedings of Putin’s nemesis, Aleksei Navalny.

I have watched Navalny for years – and written about him with some frequency. But this time is different. This time Putin is playing hard ball with the man who is the brave-to-the-point-of-being-foolhardy leader of the Russian opposition.

But, Russia’s autocrat has just one small problem. If he goes too far, if Putin sees to it that Navalny is jailed for any considerable length of time, he, Putin, is the one at greater risk. Though his Russian opponents have for now been intimidated, don’t count on them lying low indefinitely. Putin, in any case, is unlikely to underestimate them. it’s why chances are he will go easy on Navalny – at least for now.

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